How Many Drinks Was That? Colbert Gives Jalopnik A Hummer Edition

I feel this morning, after my few fleeting moments on The Colbert Report last night »10/24/08 11:30am10/24/08 11:30am in a segment called "The Difference Makers" on the National Hummer Club, giddy as a little schoolboy. Despite my obvious concern that I'd be the butt of the joke, I was relieved to find I escaped unscathed — certainly doing better than

The Post Where We Casually Mention Our Appearance Tonight On The Colbert Report

OMG! So, if you happen to have your TV on tonight at 11:30 EST, you may want to flip over to Comedy Central's Colbert Report as we've buried our hatchet »10/23/08 5:01pm10/23/08 5:01pm with Stephen (we know he's apologized in his heart). I'll be appearing on tonight's show (depending on whether they run the piece tonight — I've been told these…