Between the Lines: The Car Connection on the Cadillac Escalade

As country singer and professional Burt Reynolds pal Jerry Reed sang, when you're hot, you're hot; when you're not, you're not. Of course, back when The Guitar Man recorded his career-topping paean to the joys and sorrows of shooting craps, the second gen Chevrolet Camaro was minting money for The General and Burt's… »4/17/06 1:24pm4/17/06 1:24pm

Between the Lines: The Car Connection on the Jaguar XK

It s nice to know that automotive websites are finally welcome to suck on the corporate tit alongside their buff book brethren. For The Car Connection s recent review of the new Jaguar XK, scribe Marty Padgett joined the glossies go-getters in South Africa for a romantic interlude with the Ford s division s latest… »2/06/06 12:18pm2/06/06 12:18pm