Woman In Famed Abbey Road Crosswalk Hit By Car, Goes Flying

This popped up yesterday on the always-questionable LiveLeak, but I've got a feeling this is legit. Here is a woman trying to run across the famous Abbey Road crosswalk, in spite of all the danger, who needed help after a car ran her over. » 11/08/14 10:24am 11/08/14 10:24am

Did Thuggee Soldiers Use This Car To Chase Ringo?

Have you ever seen Help!? It was the Beatles' Goon Show/Duck Soup-inspired second film, and I'm pretty sure this car was in it somewhere. » 9/06/12 3:20pm 9/06/12 3:20pm

Volvo S80L: Longer, with More Chinese Characters!

Volvo » 11/21/08 6:00pm 11/21/08 6:00pm released a China-only S80L version of its at the . Built in Chongqing as part of a Ford/Chang'an joint venture, the L model gains 14 centimeters in length over the standard issue S80. Back in the day, Volvo released its longer luxury versions under the "Executive" moniker, which totally sounds way more boss…