These Investors Want To Buy Texas World Speedway Before It Becomes A Subdivision

We must have really good timing here at Jalopnik. In the weeks after we held a large discussion with you all about America’s ghost tracks, it looks as if a group of investors wants to prevent Texas World Speedway from going that route—or eventually becoming a housing subdivision. »11/14/15 10:02am11/14/15 10:02am

Demolition Of Texas World Speedway Delayed Until The End Of 2015

I have an idea on who might have the busiest phone in College Station this week, and it sure ain’t the local DoubleDave’s. Local paper The Eagle reports that Texas World Speedway’s demolition has been pushed back for at least until the end of the year due to issues with the planned development project.
»5/20/15 7:45pm5/20/15 7:45pm

NASA's Last Weekend At Texas World Speedway Interrupted By Music Video

Track weekends tend to invite the bizarre by default, but the last National Auto Sport Association event at Texas World Speedway was perhaps the strangest one yet. This weekend featured a music video shoot on pit lane over the night between the two days of NASA’s final weekend there. »5/12/15 5:13pm5/12/15 5:13pm