This Handy Chart Shows All Of Tesla's Current And Future Electric Car Models

Tesla's a pretty interesting car company, and I suspect we'll be writing stories about them for a long while. They also have a nice, orderly naming convention for their cars, having announced and/or released a Model R (or just Roadster), a Model S, and soon, a Model X. Other model names/letters have been hinted at or… »9/13/12 4:30pm9/13/12 4:30pm


The Tesla Model 'E' Is 'Coming,' An Electric Concorde Is Possible, And Other Things We Learned From Elon Musk

Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk dropped in to answer reader questions (full interview here) on Jalopnik earlier today and, in the course of about 45 minutes, managed to break some actual news. We're going to bullet point it for you and let you discuss what it means in the comments. »8/30/12 3:00pm8/30/12 3:00pm

What's the most newsworthy tidbit? What…

Ask Elon Musk Anything You Want About Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors, And SpaceX

When everyone was running away from electric cars, Elon Musk invested in them with Tesla. When the government was reducing its commitment to space, Elon Musk started SpaceX. When Nikola Tesla fans said they needed help preserving his lab, Elon Musk stepped up to help. Whatever your opinion of Elon Musk (we've had… »8/30/12 11:45am8/30/12 11:45am

Nikola Tesla's Mysterious Electric Car Had No Batteries (And Probably Didn't Exist)

The modern Tesla is known for making modern electric cars, but the truth is the original Nikola Tesla made an electric car — and he did it all without batteries, way back in 1931. Since it was the man's 156th birthday earlier this month, and since that man essentially created the modern world as we know it, we kind of… »7/16/12 2:00pm7/16/12 2:00pm

Tesla Motors CEO On The Daily Show: Let's Colonize Mars!

Space X CEO, Tesla CEO, and Paypal founder Elon Musk made an appearance on The Daily Show last night, where he discussed the bold ambition of developing sustained life on another planet. Jon Stewart was like an excited child, asking Musk if he is indeed one of the X-Men. »4/11/12 12:45pm4/11/12 12:45pm

Watch Billionaire Electric Car Mogul Elon Musk Explain 'BioShock' To Reporter

I've been tempted to start a column on Tesla's Elon Musk that's just an ongoing list of him explaining things (for example, Elon Musk explains love). He's clearly got a fascinating mind working up there. A great example of this is him telling future Musk biographer Hannah Elliott how the dystopian video game… »3/26/12 4:00pm3/26/12 4:00pm

Who Is Trying To Smear The Tesla Battery Problem Whistleblower?

Tesla Motors' response to this morning's revelation that Tesla Roadsters carry a devastating design problem that could lead to the cars becoming "bricked" — i.e. so drained of battery power they are unusable and require a $40,000 replacement — has been to insinuate that the problem was with the owners and not the car. »2/22/12 8:02pm2/22/12 8:02pm