Tesla Motors Plans To Slow Down Production Plans For Model S Sedan

Tesla has announced the company will be slowing down production plans for the Tesla Model S »10/15/08 4:15pm10/15/08 4:15pm sedan project until the government forks over some dough. This is just part of the news coming out of , which also announced that they've (and replaced him with main benefactor Elon Musk) and will be making serious cutbacks .…

2011 Tesla Model S Electric Sedan To Be Produced In Silicon Valley

Priced around $60,000, capable of 240 miles on a single charge and producing no emissions, the Tesla Model S »9/18/08 11:00am9/18/08 11:00am sedan will begin rolling off its new assembly line in California in late 2010. That’s only shortly after Chevy Volt’s scheduled mid 2010 production start date. Unlike the plug in Volt, the Model S will be fully…

Tesla Whitestar Sedan Powertrain Mule Caught Lurking About, Wearing Dodge Magnum Skin

This seemingly normal-looking Dodge Magnum caught by the forum fan-boys at Tesla's future Menlo Park store hides something more electric under its skin. We're told it's a powertrain mule for the Tesla Whitestar (or Tesla Model S) sedan just announced this past week. The tell-tales are the different rear wheels and… »7/07/08 9:20am7/07/08 9:20am

Tesla Announces Model S All-Electric Sedan With 225-Mile Range, $60K Price Tag

UPDATE In addition to announcing the Model S, Telsa boss Elon Musk has stated they hope to develop their technology to the point where future cars may be priced at $30,000 and below, but that won't be the case when the first models roll out in four years. So, no car, no price, no launch date. Nothing to see here,… »6/30/08 2:38pm6/30/08 2:38pm

Tesla Seeking Hot $250 Million Cash Injection For Whitestar Sedan

The boys (and gal) over at our sister site obsessed with Silicon Valley let us know earlier Tesla's looking for a hot cash injection via IPO to help the purportedly struggling Whitestar sedan. According to Valleywag: »2/18/08 3:00pm2/18/08 3:00pm

Hmm, we guess the rumors of the Whitestar's demise were slightly overstated. Nope, it's only dead if…