Yes, The Tesla Model X Will Have Those Crazy Falcon Doors

When the Tesla Model X first showed up in concept form in 2012, I think everyone looked at it and said "Those crazy DeLorean-style doors are neat, but there's no way they'll be on the production car." Turns out everyone was wrong! » 2/10/14 10:30am 2/10/14 10:30am

The Tesla Model X Crossover Will Cost Slightly More Than The Model S

Say there, are you itching for the chance to pull a trigger on a Tesla Model X so you can savor the envious looks you'll get from your Silicon Valley millionaire neighbors? The good news is when you do, it won't cost much more than a Model S, according to Elon Musk himself. » 11/04/13 3:40pm 11/04/13 3:40pm

The Tesla Model X Is The Only Car In Detroit That Really Feels Like…

There's actually a number of new cars at the Detroit show that I like — I think Chevy did a fine job with the new 'Vette that we've been carefully ignoring, and that Audi RS7 is really impressive. But the only one I sat in and genuinely felt like I was in something really new and different was the Tesla Model X. » 1/15/13 4:00pm 1/15/13 4:00pm