Tesla Teases Model S Customers With Gift Bag, Fancy Hat

More than a year ago, Tesla began taking $5000 deposits for its Model S. There's still no car, but last week, the company sent prospective customers gift boxes. Swag soothes the savage early adopter! [TTAC] » 7/12/10 4:40pm 7/12/10 4:40pm

Tesla's Elon Musk Continues War Of Aggression Against Volt, REVs

We thought Tesla's Elon Musk decided to give up anti-Detroit not-so-Big-Three rhetoric, but he's gone on the attack again against GM's Chevy Volt and Range-Extended Vehicles. Oh, that rapscallion! » 4/06/09 9:30am 4/06/09 9:30am

Tesla Model S Sedan Concept: $49,900 Seven-Seater Electric To Hit…

Here are all the details. The Tesla Model S Sedan will have a 300-mile range, 45-minute fast charge capability, a 0-to-60 time of 5.5-seconds and seat seven. Production supposedly starts 3rd quarter of 2011. » 3/26/09 4:06pm 3/26/09 4:06pm

Live From SpaceX, It's The Tesla Model S Sedan Concept... Under A Sheet

Yup, the same Tesla Model S Sedan concept we've just seen leaked shots of is now right in front of the press... under a sheet. We'll have more coming shortly live from the event. [posterous] » 3/26/09 3:43pm 3/26/09 3:43pm

Tesla Model S Sedan Concept: First Official Pictures!

Digg co-founder Kevin Rose has accidentally broken the embargo on the Tesla Model S Sedan concept set to be revealed in Los Angeles in mere hours on his flickr account. Developing! » 3/26/09 12:33pm 3/26/09 12:33pm

The Tesla Model S Sedan: What Could Have Been

Sorry boys, the up-skirt shots of future product like the Tesla Model S » 10/24/08 6:20pm 10/24/08 6:20pm only work when you're actually going to release the future product. Just sayin'. []