​Tesla Model X Delayed (Again) Until The Third Quarter Of 2015

Tesla is out with its third quarter shareholder letter, and the highlights include 33,000 vehicle deliveries expected for the year and the highest quarterly delivers ever, with 7,785 Model S sedans landing in driveways around the world. The lowlights: The Tesla Model X SUV has been delayed – again – now to the… » 11/05/14 5:10pm 11/05/14 5:10pm

Tesla's Earnings Beat Estimates As They Sold A Ton Of Cars

We're just parsing Tesla's fourth quarter 2013 earnings report but, overall, they're doing well. Their earnings-per-share beat estimates, net income was $46 million, and they sold and delivered a record 6,892 vehicles. » 2/19/14 4:08pm 2/19/14 4:08pm