It Sure Looks Like the Tesla Driver Was Watching Harry Potter Before Fatal Crash

There are some troubling new details about the deadly crash involving Tesla Autodrive. Police have confirmed that they found a DVD player in the car of a man who died earlier this week after his Telsa Model S hit a truck while in Autopilot mode. He was reportedly watching a Harry Potter movie when it happened.


Police: Driver In Tesla Autopilot Crash Had Portable DVD Player In Car, May Have Been Watching Movie (Updated)

Joshua D. Brown was killed when his Tesla Model S crashed into the side of a tractor trailer on May 7th, leading to an NHTSA investigation of Tesla’s Autopilot feature. A new report claims that a Harry Potter movie could be heard playing in the car after the crash. Update: Police report a DVD player was found inside…

Fatal Tesla Crash Proves Full Autonomy Is the Only Solution for Self-Driving Cars

The investigation into a death that occurred while a Tesla Model S driver was using Autopilot has filled the internet with dystopian-sounding headlines. Self-driving car driver died for the first time after crash in Florida. Self-driving Tesla was involved in fatal crash. But this was not a “self-driving car” that…

Tesla Is About to Buy America’s Biggest Solar Energy Provider

Elon Musk is on the brink of acquiring the the next critical component in a solar-electric transportation future. Tesla Motors just made a $2.8 billion stock-to-stock offer to buy SolarCity, one of the largest solar energy companies in the country. It also happens to be a company founded by Musk’s cousins and one…