Tesla P85D Not Quite As Insane As Expected, Still Fastest Car CR Has Tested

We here at Jalopnik can tell you how a car makes you feel. It can be fun, fast, slow, or sad. But if you want to get hard data and numbers, there’s no one better to turn to than Consumer Reports. So it’s probably a good thing that CR just data-ized what we felt – the Tesla Model S P85D is a damn fine automobile.
» 8/20/15 9:24am 8/20/15 9:24am

Tesla Will Run A ‘Public Beta’ For Model S Autopilot

Elon Musk hinted last week that the long-awaited and debatably delayed Autopilot feature is “coming soon.” During today’s call to discuss Tesla’s second quarter earnings, the topic came up again, and Musk seems to be hedging the roll-out with promises of a “public beta”, because that’s exactly the kind of thing you… » 8/05/15 9:00pm 8/05/15 9:00pm

The Tesla Model X Is Finally Coming Next Month

Tesla’s second quarter shareholder letter is out and beyond rejiggering it’s projected deliveries for the year from 55,000 to “between 50,000 and 55,000 Model S and Model X cars in 2015” – and sending it’s stock price down in the process – it’s finally promising Model X deliveries beginning next month.
» 8/05/15 5:15pm 8/05/15 5:15pm

It's Now Just Barely Possible To Get A Free Tesla Model X

If a wild, crazed South African runs up to you, screaming about visions of the future, tubetravel, and a free Tesla Model X, we’re hear to tell you that you should believe him. Maybe. Hopefully. But in all seriousness, Tesla’s said it’s actually prepared to give you a free Model X, if you meet the right conditions. » 7/31/15 10:00pm 7/31/15 10:00pm

Elon Musk Promises That Model S Auto Pilot Is 'Almost Ready'

Remember the Big D reveal way back in October of last year? Most people were so enamored with the dual-motor drivetrain and insane acceleration that the other news – Auto Pilot – fell off the radar. Owners were promised the upgrade earlier in the year, and now it’s almost August, so Musk took to Twitter. » 7/31/15 7:20pm 7/31/15 7:20pm

Is That KITT And Tesla-Inspired Car From China Actually A Tesla? 

The other day we wrote about a new Chinese car that was inspired both by KITT, the well-read, talking Trans Am from Knight Rider and also the Tesla Model S. New information obtained by our friends at Car News China suggests that the car might actually be a Tesla Model S.http://jalopnik.com/china-combines... » 7/29/15 12:55pm 7/29/15 12:55pm

China Combines Knight Rider, Tesla To Make Ultimate Model S Knockoff

We’ve covered bizarre Chinese knockoffs of well-known cars before, but this may be the first time a Chinese company has been inspired by an ‘80s American TV show about a pedantic car to make a knockoff possibly even better than the original. Good people, I give you the Youxia X, a Tesla Model S with a big dose of… » 7/27/15 12:22pm 7/27/15 12:22pm

Saleen Is Suing A Guy On Reddit For Calling Them A Scam

Saleen Automotive, purveyor of modified Mustangs, super-gorgeous supercars and various other machinations over the years, has been in financial trouble for some time. This isn’t exactly new information. But now Saleen is suing someone for saying that there are worse things going on — possibly even illegal financial… » 7/22/15 5:22pm 7/22/15 5:22pm

We're All Wrong About Autonomous Cars, So Get Away From The Wheel

A recent study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that 96.2 percent of people polled (actually only about 500 people) said they wanted “to have a steering wheel plus gas and brake pedals (or some other controls) available in completely self-driving vehicles.” You know what all those… » 7/20/15 12:40pm 7/20/15 12:40pm

The Tesla Model X Will Get Ludicrous Mode Too, Maybe Do 0-60 In 3.3 

LUDICROUS SPEED. A speed so intense it makes all the other speeds look like little weenies in comparison. The Tesla Model S sedan is getting that mode soon in the form of a $10,000 upgrade that will propel the car from zero to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. (Worth it.) But what about the upcoming Model X crossover? » 7/20/15 10:25am 7/20/15 10:25am