Kurdish Racing Team Says It Has To Stop Running Because Of ISIS

A Kurdish-backed racing team who barely missed out on the podium at this year's 24 Hours of Dubai is having to call it quits for now due to the instability in the Middle East. Economic activity in Kurdistan has come to a halt due to threats from ISIS, and thus, the team's financial support has dried up. » 3/04/15 1:37pm 3/04/15 1:37pm

CNN Analyst Says Terrorism Happens When It's Nice Out

Mary Schiavo, a CNN Aviation Analyst reporting on missing AirAsia Flight 8501, believes that terrorists are not to blame, because terrorists prefer nice weather, and the weather was bad when Flight 8501 disappeared. » 12/28/14 2:55pm 12/28/14 2:55pm

Texas Plumber's Old Work Truck Ends Up With Islamic Terrorists In Syria

How can you ever really know what happens to your car after you sell it? Unless you unload it to a friend or someone in your town, it could go anywhere in the world, for all you know. Like, say, Syria, where it ends up as an anti-aircraft firing weapon used by Islamic militants fighting in the civil war. » 12/17/14 10:32am 12/17/14 10:32am

UK Airlines May Ban All Carry-On Luggage Over Possible Terror Threat

A British newspaper is reporting that a Syrian branch of Al Qaeda is plotting to bomb five commercial airliners in a coordinated attack on London, just before Christmas. Authorities are reportedly taking it so seriously, that they're considering banning carry-on baggage. » 12/05/14 8:33am 12/05/14 8:33am

Dead American ISIS Fighter Worked At A U.S. Airport

Abdirahmaan Muhumed is one of two Americans killed in Iraq, while fighting for ISIS. We've seen Americans join the terrorist ranks before with Al Qaeda, but this one hits a little too close to home — Muhumed was employed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, as an aircraft cleaner. » 9/03/14 4:09pm 9/03/14 4:09pm

REPORT: Fate Of Seized Libyan Airliners Has Intel Agencies Freaked Out

With the fall of Libya's main international airport, and the utter chaos that has enveloped that country in the last few months, it appears that close to a dozen airliners are worrying intel folks in the U.S. and abroad according to at least one report. » 9/03/14 9:36am 9/03/14 9:36am

Fighter Jet Escorts Qatar Flight Into Airport Over 'Possible Device'

A fighter jet had to escort Qatar Airways flight QR023 from Doha down to the ground at Manchester Airport minutes ago after the commercial pilot reported a "possible device on board." Here's how the whole thing unfolded. » 8/05/14 9:15am 8/05/14 9:15am

Everything We Know About The Terrorist Attack On Karachi Airport

Details remain fairly scant at this point, but it appears that Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan has come under terrorist attack by gunmen strapped with explosives. The sky is bright red over NE Karachi and explosions continue to rock the airport's apron area. » 6/08/14 8:12pm 6/08/14 8:12pm

Watch US Commandos Abduct An Accused Al Qaeda Bomber In 75 Seconds

The United States wanted Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai for a connection to the al-Qaeda bombings of multiple US embassies in East Africa in the 1990s and possibly to a planned attack on the Libyan embassy in 2012. Here is video of US commandos abducting him in almost exactly 75 seconds. » 2/10/14 3:26pm 2/10/14 3:26pm

Bomb Explodes On Israeli Bus [UPDATE]

A bomb exploded on a public bus heading from Bnei Brak to the nearby city of Bat Yam, according to Haaretz. Though passengers had already been evacuated, a police explosives demolition expert was reportedly lightly injured. UPDATE: no one was hurt, see more at the bottom of the post. » 12/22/13 8:31am 12/22/13 8:31am

TSA Is Instagramming the Crazy Stuff It Confiscates at Checkpoints

What is Instagram for if not bragging oh so subtly about the stuff you're doing. It's true for rich kids on fancy vacations, and apparently, it's true for the Transportation Safety Administration, which has been posting images of the absurd stuff passengers are trying to carry on planes every day. » 7/02/13 6:36pm 7/02/13 6:36pm

AOL's Story About Terrorist Carhacking Is Fearmongering Bullshit

Here's the scenario: a "14-year-old in Indonesia" sits in front of a laptop, gives an evil laugh and says whatever is Indonesian for 'check this out.' He furiously types on the keyboard, dramatically hits "enter," and then immediately cars start crashing in LA. AOL says this can happen. We say that's bullshit. » 6/19/13 3:20pm 6/19/13 3:20pm

Rabinowitz Strikes Back: Pols Are Being Terrorized By The Bike Lobby

Dorothy Rabinowitz will not be intimidated by the all-powerful bicycle lobby. She will stand in defiance, even as her beloved city is crushed under the thumb of a psychotic mob of cyclists who feel like they "don't owe you anything." » 6/08/13 11:23pm 6/08/13 11:23pm

How BMW Became A Terrorist Icon In The 1970s (And How It Made Them Cool)

In the early 1970s, the extreme left wing Baader-Meinhof Gang terrorized the people of West Germany with a campaign of bombings and assassinations aimed at dismantling a capitalist system they considered no better than the Third Reich. » 1/13/13 3:00pm 1/13/13 3:00pm

Food Carts Are A Terrorist Threat According To New York City

New York City's public safety officials are actually worried that food trucks could be a breeding ground for terrorist activity. » 10/29/12 1:30pm 10/29/12 1:30pm

London Cops Explode Illegally Parked Car

A business student with car trouble in central London learned an expensive lesson when his broken-down Ford Mondeo had its hatch opened via a controlled explosion, then ticketed, then towed. Nobody likes to see a person's car so mistreated like this, but there is a bit of idiocy at work here. » 6/14/12 4:30pm 6/14/12 4:30pm

In Mexico, You Can Go To Jail For 20 Years For Terrorism If Your…

The constant threat of narco-terrorism has everyone in Mexico on edge, which might explain why a pair of motorcycles backfiring sent crowds scattering in San Luis Potosi, Mexico this weekend. It's also why authorities in the town are charging the motorcyclists with terrorism. » 4/12/12 3:30pm 4/12/12 3:30pm

American F-15 Jets Intercept Korean Air Boeing 777 For Terrorist Threat

Two United States' Air Force F-15 Eagle fighters launched into Canadian airspace to intercept a Korean Air Boeing 777 on April 10, 5:30 Pacific Time. The plane was going to Seoul when it received a bomb threat shortly after takeoff from Vancouver, British Columbia. » 4/12/12 7:45am 4/12/12 7:45am

How The Face Of A 9/11 Terrorist On A Driver's License Showed Up In A…

That's an ad for car insurance that popped up on Facebook the other day. See anything wrong with it? It's okay, I didn't notice it at first either but the photo in the ad isn't a random drivers license picture, instead it's the face of Mohamed Atta, one of the terrorist who crashed a plane into the Twin Towers on 9/11. » 2/24/12 10:45am 2/24/12 10:45am