The Mad Scientists Club: Nissan Unveils the Terranaut Concept

Conceptually, Nissan created its Terranaut concept as a mobile laboratory. It's designed to transport and protect scientists during study missions to inhospitable places like the Arctic Circle, the Moon or Camden, New Jersey (anyone who saw that joke coming a mile away, give yourself a free kick). In reality, it… »2/28/06 11:11am2/28/06 11:11am


I Wanna Climb Up Every Mountain on the Moon: Nissan's Terranaut Concept to Bow at Geneva

Hit the bong and pound the Red Bull, brah, because Nissan's going over the mountain with its Terranaut Concept, due to drop at the Geneva show in just over a month. Designed as a mobile scientific research lab, our favorite feature of the Terranaut is the wacky dual-purpose tire system. According to the Nissans: »1/31/06 4:22pm1/31/06 4:22pm