Artercel Spotted in San Francisco

It's got gams on the roof and a donations box stuck to the hood. It's beflowered, be-beaded and bedazzled. It's this wee Toyota we spotted yesterday in San Francisco while hanging out with Friend o' tha Jalop Suzanne. Oddly enough, we didn't notice it until her son Troy pointed it out. Such is the vibrancy of the… » 12/31/06 5:00pm 12/31/06 5:00pm

French Muddin' in a Tercel 4WD!

We admit that this vid runs a little long and features some repetitive feats of mudding skill, but nevertheless, it's pretty entertaining to watch what these French off-roaders pull off in their 2nd Gen Tercel 4WD wagon, which only seems to be equipped with a snorkel. And presumably the optional extra-low 1st… » 12/27/06 4:30pm 12/27/06 4:30pm