Tennessee Governor Leveled A $300 Million Threat At VW Over UAW Vote

In the run-up to the vote to allow the UAW to organize workers at Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant, there were accusations of shady dealings and general thuggery. Most of those accusations were aimed at labor activists, but new documents show that those accusations should have been made at the politicians. »4/01/14 1:20pm4/01/14 1:20pm

Nashville Might Actually Build A Genuine Bonafide Electrified Monorail

Nashville, Tennessee, can be incredibly congested, with cars, at times. And in a desperate bid to relieve that congestion, the Tennessee Senate just voted 31-0 to study the feasibility of building a monorail to transport people to and fro. And if it worked for Ogdenville and Brockway, it might just work for Nashville. »3/31/14 10:10am3/31/14 10:10am

A Rusty Old Volvo Is The Chugging Heart Of Nashville's Lane Motor Museum

If you ever chance to visit the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tenn. – and you really should – one of the first things you'll notice is that whoever dreamt this place up thinks differently abut cars than most people you know. Wading through the rows of gleaming Tatras and Steyrs and Reliants and other cars the… »12/25/13 12:00pm12/25/13 12:00pm

Cops Say These Newlyweds Picked Up A 17-Year-Old Girl So The Wife Could Have Sex With Her

Fellas out there in committed relationships, you know how hard we work to keep our ladies happy. We surprise them with flowers, buy them fancy jewelry, and even call their mothers on their birthdays. Also, we drive them across state lines so they can hook up with teenage girls. Wait, what? »12/02/12 10:00am12/02/12 10:00am

Is The 2013 Nissan Sentra Boring Enough To Be A Success?

For its newest generation, the 2013 Nissan Sentra is skipping the facelift and getting the full on Michael Jackson. The all new car has a laundry list of new features, and they stretch from the nose to the tail. It's lighter. It's economier. It's upscalier. It's LEDier. It also looks like the lovechild of the new… »8/31/12 12:40pm8/31/12 12:40pm