Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: $226,521.63 For A Basket-Case 1963 Pontiac…

By now, almost all of you have heard about the Barn Find Of The Year, the '63 Pontiac Tempest that turned out to be the long-lost Stan Antlocer Factory Experimental drag racer, one of six lightweight '63 coupes stuffed full of 421 goodness by Pontiac back in the day (you can read more about these machines at Hemmings » 11/17/08 8:00am 11/17/08 8:00am

Beat On The Goat! Beat On The Goat!

Even though they generally looked like peeling, faded crap after a few years of real-world use, the squishy plastic Endura snouts fitted to 1968 Pontiac GTOs were pretty good at retaining their shape after hitting stuff. Go ahead, line up a crowd of screaming, white-coated lab employees, hand them a big ol' crowbar,… » 12/18/07 11:00am 12/18/07 11:00am