Racist Troll Doesn’t Understand Racism, And Other Trolling Stories

When I asked for your worst (but really best) stories about trolls, I didn’t expect so many stories from trolls. But here we have it: 23 hand-picked stories from your amusing trolling and being-trolled experiences. Suffice it to say that I’ve decided to unplug from the Internet now. »4/21/15 2:22pm4/21/15 2:22pm

Important: What Do We Think About Amber Rear Turn Indicators?

Last week, I wrote about the deceptive nature of the VW Tiguan's taillights — specifically, that they have an amber section that isn't used for the turn signal. The post proved much more popular than I'd have guessed, and sparked a lot of interesting debate about the use of amber rear indicators. Let's settle this… »5/15/14 3:30pm5/15/14 3:30pm

How Is GM CEO Mary Barra's Congressional Hearing Going?

GM recently recalled millions of vehicles for an issue that killed at least a dozen people, and probably more. Company CEO GM Mary Barra is still responding to questions and giving testimony to Congress in response to their investigation into her company's failure to fix the problem, and we want to know what you think. »4/01/14 3:33pm4/01/14 3:33pm