Leonard Nimoy Showed Us What It Truly Means To Be Human

Leonard Nimoy didn't just have a massive impact on science fiction, he also transformed pop culture. Nimoy, who died today, took the thankless supporting role of an emotionless alien science whiz, and turned Spock on Star Trek into an icon. » 2/27/15 1:07pm 2/27/15 1:07pm

​Sling TV Review: Holy Crap, We've Figured Out Internet Television

At some point, TV became complicated. It used to be this thing I would plop down in front of after school and mindlessly flip through. Then, in 2009, everything changed: analog signals were outlawed, and the new digital TV signals failed me in every way: my old television wasn't compatible, my house was too far from… » 1/26/15 8:41am 1/26/15 8:41am

Fox Sports Really Shouldn't Be Trusted To Broadcast Motorsports, Ever

Hey, guys, do you like watching motor racing? On TV? When the schedule says there's going to be motor racing? Too bad, there's college basketball or something else to show. Hey, this sounds familiar. » 1/24/15 7:34pm 1/24/15 7:34pm

The Always Up To Date Guide To Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon has added so many benefits to Prime that they're starting to get hard to keep track of, so we're going to round them up for you, and update this post as new ones roll out. Sadly we can't list drone delivery as a perk just yet. » 1/23/15 3:17pm 1/23/15 3:17pm

Jim Rockford Warned Us About Google And Facebook Back In 1978

Why didn't we listen? The fourth season of The Rockford Files, arguably the greatest television show of all time, features a "futuristic" storyline about a terrible threat. What if a private corporation used computers to gather personal information on hundreds of millions of Americans? Could we trust them with that… » 1/23/15 3:05pm 1/23/15 3:05pm

America Finally Gets A Motorsport Channel: Motors TV Is Coming To The US

You know all the really cool motorsports that we don't really see on TV right now, like the World Touring Car Championship and the World Endurance Championship? That's all about to change: European-based Motors TV is looking to expand into North and South America. » 1/22/15 2:29pm 1/22/15 2:29pm

Pedestrian Mowed Down By Motorcyclist Behind Reporter's Live Shot

Tonight's ITV News in the U.K. featured bonus coverage of an accident outside St. Pancras railway station in London while reporter Ria Chatterjee delivered an unrelated story about Eurostar train cancellations. Chatterjee, a true professional, paid no attention to the chaos happening behind her. » 1/18/15 1:48pm 1/18/15 1:48pm

Jay Leno Might Return To TV With A Brand New Car Show

Jay Leno hasn't been a regular on TV since his stint on The Tonight Show ended earlier this year. But he has been online, talking cars on Jay Leno's Garage. And now it sounds like he's coming back to TV with a brand new show all about cars. » 10/08/14 1:28pm 10/08/14 1:28pm

New Airborne Game Show Hits The Airwaves

Meet "The Game Plane." This new game show was filmed on Allegiant Air flights at cruising altitude earlier this year. It's part quiz show, part game-of-chance, and it all looks very cheesy. Contestants compete for cash and vacation prizes. Take a look at the preview below and decide for yourself. » 9/22/14 1:38pm 9/22/14 1:38pm

1931's Remote-Controlled Farm of the Future

The March 1931 issue of The Country Gentleman magazine included this advertisement for Timken bearings. With the bold headline "100 YEARS AHEAD" the ad promises that the farmer of the future may be unrecognizable — thanks to Timken bearings, of course. Our farmer of tomorrow wears a suit to work and sits at a desk… » 8/14/14 1:11pm 8/14/14 1:11pm

Comic-Con Wrap-Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw In San Diego!

Comic-Con 2014 was chock full of amazing costumes, cool art, mind-blowing TV pilots and fascinating encounters. Because even a weak Comic-Con is better than most other events. Here's our complete roundup of all the most incredible things we saw last weekend. » 7/30/14 9:25pm 7/30/14 9:25pm

Two Jalopnik Editors Discuss Paul Walker And Mexican Sports Cars On TV

Every now and again, your Jalopnik staff is allowed to unchain themselves from their keyboards, get cleaned up real nice, and appear on a medium known as "television." Not me, though; I'm considered far too handsome to ever appear on TV. » 12/03/13 5:15pm 12/03/13 5:15pm

Abarth To Run Competition Starring Ultra Cute 500 Race Cars

The Fiat 500 Abarth is one of our favorite cars around here. It's like a muscley little bulldog, perhaps if Lewis Hamilton's dog was made into a car. Now there's a version with even more manly looks and you could drive it... If you live in Europe. » 5/17/13 10:32am 5/17/13 10:32am

This Week's TV: A single oil rig causes all the volcanoes to erupt.…

Seriously, watch the 30-second trailer for Ring of Fire, in which two of J.J. Abrams' favorite actors discover that if this one volcano erupts... all of the world's biggest volcanos go! It's 30 seconds very well spent. Also, this week's TV includes Evil Selena Gomez, and Evil Elena Gilbert. And meet Emoticonnie, whose… » 3/11/13 12:28pm 3/11/13 12:28pm

Why Americans Should Finally Start Watching Formula One

NBC is taking over Formula One coverage in America this year from longtime broadcaster SPEED. At first I was skeptical. Now I can't wait. It looks like the coverage will be what every single F1 fan has wanted for years. This is a good thing. » 3/11/13 12:19pm 3/11/13 12:19pm

How Conjoined Twins Drive

TLC's Abby & Brittany continues to gently tease out the privates lives of the conjoined Hensel twins by showing how they have adapted to performing the most common of tasks. On one of last night's episodes, they ate Chicago deep-dish pizza (stomachaches resulted), rode a Segway (balancing issues ensued) and drove a… » 9/05/12 9:50am 9/05/12 9:50am

How A Reddit Detective Out-Sleuthed TV's Smartest Spy With The Help Of…

The Google Street View cars have caught some crazy scenes over the last few years. They've fallen into ravines, driven on race tracks like Indianapolis, and one even witnessed a birth on the street. » 8/15/12 12:20pm 8/15/12 12:20pm

We Talk To The Cast Of Breaking Bad About Science, Swearing, And Saul…

Tomorrow, the acclaimed "high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin" drama Breaking Bad returns for its final stretch of episodes. But at the San Diego Comic-Con today, the show's cast and creator Vince Gilligan were on hand to answer io9's most quasi-pressing questions. Here's what we learned. » 7/14/12 6:35pm 7/14/12 6:35pm