Open Source Telematics System Lets BMW Roll with the Changes

BMW is getting a telematics ménage à trois going with Connexis LLC and WirelessCar to more or less create a future-proof telematics system. This miraculous creation is being called the Next Generation Telematics Protocol, and the purpose is to allow for new services and features to be added to a vehicle without… »1/21/08 10:15am1/21/08 10:15am

Digital Destiny: BMW Drive Assist Pairs with Google Maps in Germany

Finally, BMW and Google have made that most crucial of connections between our digital and IRL lives. And that's not just more dipshit tech-hype speak. BMW announced a new system that combines Google Maps with its cellular-based Drive Assist system. BMW drivers no longer have to stop and get analog with pen and… »3/09/07 6:25am3/09/07 6:25am

Right Here, Right Now: Toyota Developing Instant Mapping Nav System

Forget about updating your nav system's software every six months or whatever. Toyota's working on a system it says will provide instant mapping capability, updating roadway conditions at every startup. Using a wireless Internet connection, the system, called Map on Demand, updates info on roadway conditions,… »2/13/07 9:43am2/13/07 9:43am

Calling all Cars: Toyota Develops Cell Phone for Japan

Word came down from Tokyo today that Toyota's developing a cell phone with Japan's #2 wireless carrier, KDDI Corp (in which Big T owns an 11 percent stake). It's not just any throwaway burner, mind you; the handsets — dubbed "TiMO" — which are based on an existing KDDI phone made by Toshiba, will tie in via Bluetooth… »8/30/06 5:53pm8/30/06 5:53pm