Canadian Teenagers Rammed Across the Border in High-Speed Police Chase

Two Canadian teenagers were arrested last week after they stole three cars and rammed their way through a border crossing into Maine. Despite fired shots, police vehicle collisions, and a nail strip, police on both sides of the border were unable to apprehend the teens until they crashed into a guardrail. » 10/19/13 4:27pm 10/19/13 4:27pm

Mom With Priorities Out Of Whack Buys Street Billboard To Land Daughter Prom Queen Crown

One well-meaning but clearly off-her-rocker Texas mom has spent at least $1500 on newspaper ads, fliers, one of those customizable outdoor display signs at a local taqueria, and — the pièce de résistance — a "pink rotating outdoor" billboard advertising her daughter, Brandy Day, for prom queen. » 4/20/12 2:40pm 4/20/12 2:40pm

Big Brother Parenting: Tiwi Blackbox Monitors Speeding Youngsters

Helicopter parents rejoice! The Tiwi Blackbox is on the scene to prevent hoonage of any sort. The Tiwi monitors the speed of the vehicle in which it is installed; if the driver exceeds a pre-set speed threshold, it will issue a verbal warning to slow down. If your little hooligan continues to exceed the speed limit,… » 7/02/08 1:20pm 7/02/08 1:20pm

Teenage Drivers Ignore Cell Phone Driving Bans, Arby's, Zune

A study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reiterates a fact made apparent by James Dean in the classic Rebel Without A Cause: teenagers are some rebellious bastards (for no apparent cause). In 2006, a law was enacted in North Carolina that completely banned persons under the age of 18 from using… » 6/11/08 6:40pm 6/11/08 6:40pm

Captain Obvious Of The Day: Teens Think They're Good Drivers, Like Loud Music

A recent study by Erie Insurance points out a lot of factors that anyone under the age of 60 probably already knows. The insurance company conducted a study surveying 2,127 licensed teenage drivers and came to the shocking conclusion that teens like to talk on the phone, text message and listen to loud music while… » 5/01/08 4:40pm 5/01/08 4:40pm

Learner's Permit + Dad's Car = Raging Deathmobile

The most dangerous place on Earth for an American teenager? Not the battlefields of Afghanistan or the IED'd roadways of war-torn Iraq. Not the bucking deck of a crab boat plying the Bering Strait. No, according to the AP, the place you do not want to be as you complete your dewy youth is in a car with another teen… » 3/05/08 4:00pm 3/05/08 4:00pm

Tracer HUD Tattles On Speeding Teens Via SMS

Designed by a student at the University of New South Wales, Tracer HUD will be a parent's best friend and a young driver's worst enemy. Tracer sits on the dash and will project the current speed on the windshield for easy viewing. It's important for the driver to see the speed at all times, because exceeding the speed… » 2/07/08 3:45pm 2/07/08 3:45pm

Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash: Cars as Future Seeding

Very few of our friends bought their own first cars. Our ElCo of legend was purchased by our parents as a first car for us when we were still in junior high, offered up for sale by our uncle's dad for a grand. But the Wall Street Journal tells a different story; of kids receiving rather-nice vehicles from their… » 6/13/06 2:13am 6/13/06 2:13am