AAA Supports Teenagers Driving Alone, Because Billy's Just Too Damn Talkative

The American Automobile Association of Michigan is on a quest to strengthen the state's graduated licensing laws by restricting the number of passengers who can ride with a teen driver. Statistics show that teens transporting passengers are more likely to be involved in an accident; according to Jack Peet, Community… »9/15/08 1:20pm9/15/08 1:20pm

Captain Obvious Of The Day: Teens Think They're Good Drivers, Like Loud Music

A recent study by Erie Insurance points out a lot of factors that anyone under the age of 60 probably already knows. The insurance company conducted a study surveying 2,127 licensed teenage drivers and came to the shocking conclusion that teens like to talk on the phone, text message and listen to loud music while… »5/01/08 4:40pm5/01/08 4:40pm