New Data Blames Young People For America's Drop In Driving (Again)

We're all well versed in "The Problem" with young people these days. No, it's not that all they want to do is use DMT, go to rainbow parties and listen to Skrillex instead of getting jobs, it's that they aren't into cars or driving. New data shows just how much driving has plunged in the U.S. Are the kids to blame? »4/24/13 10:33am4/24/13 10:33am


Ford "Nanny Key" For Teen Drivers Limits Vehicle Speed, Radio Volume

Ford has announced a new feature available on many 2010 models called "My Key," consisting of a programmable computer chip imbedded in the key that limits vehicle speed to 80 MPH. Designed for parents of teen drivers, the My Key system will also limit the stereo volume settings and sound a constant chime if seat belts… »10/06/08 10:40am10/06/08 10:40am

Australian Teen Crashes SUV Into Tree, Repeatedly, Attempting To Dislodge Koala

Proving that the best intentions aren't always matched with the best actions, 19-year-old Brett Seabrook of Victoria, Australia attempted to help a koala he thought was injured by repeatedly ramming its tree with his Toyota Landcruiser. Apparently the incident began when the Aussie teen found the koala at his campsite… »9/16/08 1:00pm9/16/08 1:00pm

AAA Supports Teenagers Driving Alone, Because Billy's Just Too Damn Talkative

The American Automobile Association of Michigan is on a quest to strengthen the state's graduated licensing laws by restricting the number of passengers who can ride with a teen driver. Statistics show that teens transporting passengers are more likely to be involved in an accident; according to Jack Peet, Community… »9/15/08 1:20pm9/15/08 1:20pm

Helicopter Parents Rejoice: $200 Mini GPS Remote Tracking Device Now Available At NAPA

Stalkers »9/02/08 3:40pm9/02/08 3:40pm Parents have just gained a potent new weapon in their electronic babysitting arsenal, or at least a new outlet at which to purchase it. Your local NAPA auto parts store will soon be stocking the GPS Tracking Key, a cell-phone sized, battery-powered GPS tracking device with a built-in data recorder. Just use…