​Cadillac CT6 Is A Plug-In Hybrid With Streaming Video Interior Mirror

GM president Mark Reuss is showing off a host of new products to investors today, including the long-awaited Cadillac flagship. Details of the CT6 are beginning to trickle out and that includes a 0-60 time of under six seconds, a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, and an interior mirror that displays streaming video of the… » 10/01/14 3:17pm 10/01/14 3:17pm

Could vibrating Bluetooth shoes help you race?

If you've ever experienced haptic feedback in a car (GM's terrifying butt-shakers come to mind—those suckers really get your attention), you'll probably see where this is going. These Lechal haptic-feedback shoes use Bluetooth connectivity to give you quick navigational hints.

Walking to a restaurant in an unfamiliar… » 8/01/14 6:43pm 8/01/14 6:43pm

Where The Hell Are Tesla's Battery-Swapping Stations?

It's been nearly a year since Tesla showed off its hugely hyped 90-second battery swap for the Model S. Elon Musk said on stage that the first station would be operational by the end of year. Six months later, nothing. Then we heard that it was happening in the first quarter of 2014. Still nothing. So where the hell… » 6/03/14 12:45pm 6/03/14 12:45pm

How Two Wacky Concepts Make The S-Class Coupe Lean Like a Skier

Back in 1997, Mercedes-Benz showed off the F 300 Life Jet. Like most concepts it was an impractical flight of fancy fueled by weak German pilsner and strong German coffee. But 16 years later, the Life Jet inspired the suspension wonks in charge of the new S-Class Coupe, and now the luxo-sled leans into corners. » 5/30/14 10:03pm 5/30/14 10:03pm

New Fuel Tanks Can Prevent Explosions Despite More Than 600 Hits

It's the easiest way to blow up a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto. Just shoot up the gas tank, boom, and you've got a nifty little explosion on your hands. That's entertaining in video games, sure, but when it's real life and you're in a real war zone, the prospect of such an event occurring is downright terrifying. » 9/07/13 11:05am 9/07/13 11:05am