Jalopnik Team Party Crash: Auto Media And Liquor, Never Sicker

There comes a time in every young automotive blog's life when it's time for him to become a man. Last night was that time as we celebrated our 2 1/3 anniversary in swanky style at the Manhattan Classic Car Club. With a night spent drinking and downing loin-burgers in Lutzian style we're assuming we had fun but the… »4/05/07 3:21pm4/05/07 3:21pm


Jalopnik Team Party Crash: The Chrysler Group Revels In The Excess Inventory Of Loin-Burgers

Before Captain Jack Sparrow Jason Vines up there jumped up on stage, we caught him enjoying what appears to be the Detroit automaker holiday party treat of choice — the Bob Lutz tenderloin "hamburger" — or as we've come to call it, the "loin-burger." When not downing steaming hot loin-meat last night at the Chrysler… »12/15/06 12:36pm12/15/06 12:36pm

Jason Is Magic? Chrysler Execs Ham It Up For Auto Journalists, We Drink

Although we're all about the parties, there does come a point where it becomes a little much — and although we've not yet hit that point, as our waistline's become more and more tight with each passing party, we're coming awfully close. So when we woke up this morning with little to no memory of what went on last… »12/15/06 11:32am12/15/06 11:32am