Watch Team Lotus Celebrate Their 1972 F1 World Title With A Hilarious…

Formula One writer Joe Saward has unearthed a number of terrifying examples of the 1970s trend of sports teams singing songs to celebrate winning championships. F1 was, apparently, no exception, as this song by Team Lotus shows, on the occasion of Emmerson Fittipaldi winning the 1972 world title. “Throughout the… » 5/04/12 10:00am 5/04/12 10:00am

The tangled paternity of Lotus Racing, simplified

This year's Formula 1 grid features Team Lotus racing against Lotus Renault GP, with both sides hiring as many lawyers as engineers. At his Grand Prix blog, Joe Saward constructed this handy chart showing the complicated peerage. Although I think Peter's is a bit more simplified, this tells an entirely different… » 2/04/11 10:30am 2/04/11 10:30am