Ford Needs Hipsters For Its Next 'Fiesta Movement'

Just yesterday, we gave Ford high marks for its recent marketing efforts — specifically, the "Fiesta Movement" campaign and subsequent "Retail Movement" initiative, which aims to educate dealers about social media and grassroots marketing in advance of the Fiesta's U.S. launch next summer. Not content to rest on its… » 12/04/09 2:26pm 12/04/09 2:26pm

Mercedes-Benz Launching Splitview Technology At L.A. Auto Show

Mercedes Benz today announced the availability of a new display technology that allows driver and passenger to see two totally separate programs from the same screen, at the same time. The technology has been around for a while but it's only now making its North American debut, which is planned for next week's 2009… » 11/25/09 7:38am 11/25/09 7:38am

Trapster: The Joys Of Texting & Speeding In One Mobile App

Crowdsourcing has become a popular means of gathering data in the 2.0 world, and now it's come to the driving community via Trapster, a mobile application that helps drivers avoid speed traps. Trapster is available on variety of platforms — iPhone android, Blackberry, and more — and it's seen about 1 million downloads… » 10/08/09 1:35pm 10/08/09 1:35pm

XM SkyDock Pairs iPods And iPhones With In-Car Service

Between cell phones, iPods, satnav systems, plug-in toasters, and the countless "conveniences" found in modern vehicles, driving has become a serious challenge. Thankfully, Sirius XM is looking to make things a little easier by combining its subscription radio service with a new iPod/iPhone station. The XM SkyDock… » 10/06/09 10:50am 10/06/09 10:50am

September 11, 2001: The Auto Aftermath [9/11 Remembered]

Editor's note: In the eight years since terrorists attacked America, TheCarConnection's team has tried to make sense of what happened, what it meant to our country and what it means today. Still...we're wordless. We do know what happened to the little demimonde of cars in the immediate area after the World Trade… » 9/11/09 2:20pm 9/11/09 2:20pm

Ford Supports Ban For Handheld Texting While Driving

Ford Motor Company yesterday officially endorsed the proposed national ban on handheld texting while driving. With that, Ford is the first of the major automakers to support the bill—introduced by Senator Charles Schumer of New York and Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York—which would cut federal highway… » 9/11/09 12:30pm 9/11/09 12:30pm

Report: 2012 Land Rover LRX Due For June 2010 Reveal

Celebrating an major anniversary in the car-making world almost always means revealing a new model or concept - take Mini's 50th, for example - and Land Rover isn't one to buck the tradition. A report out today says the Range Rover LRX will arrive on June 17, 2010 - the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover's first… » 8/26/09 12:31pm 8/26/09 12:31pm

2009 BMW 7-Series: Five Steps to A Smaller Bangle Butt

After years of car-writer controversy for its shape, its controls, and its inability to knock the stuffing out of Lexus, the BMW 7-Series is all-new. So what makes its subtly reworked shape work so much better than the previous generation? While I'm writing down my impressions for our full review of the 2009 BMW… » 10/21/08 12:57pm 10/21/08 12:57pm