Even Toyota is "Apple's bitch"

Toyota's clever attempt to reach owners of "jailbroken" iPhones and other iOS devices via a Scion tC-theme posted on Cydia — an alternative appstore for the devices — garnered downloads and press attention for smart marketing. Now the campaign's gaining attention for completely caving to Apple. UPDATE. » 4/06/11 11:35am 4/06/11 11:35am

Scion Gets Its Assy McGee On For Youth Marketing

Scion sure does know its youth demographic. Is there anything a kid enjoys more than faux graffiti designs and a talking ass cartoon character? No, not really. Scion's latest outreach to the youth market comes with a mock commercial featuring Assy McGee as a Scion xB slinging salesman—Assy is the gun-welding main… » 4/02/08 4:15pm 4/02/08 4:15pm

Scion Hako Coupe Concept Live Unveil

Scion is known for trying to be hip with the kids, but I have a feeling its latest concept, the Hako, is a couple steps too far, even for the spikey haired, angsty kids of America. Hako means box and this is very boxy, even more boxy than the xB. If you remember, Scion originally teased the Hako Coupe concept two weeks … » 3/19/08 3:57pm 3/19/08 3:57pm

Scion Hako Concept, Replacement For TC Coupe To Drop In New York

Scion just released this teaser image of the Hako Coupe Concept, which will debut at the New York Auto Show later this month. It's expected that the Hako will represent a near-production version of 2006's Fuse concept and could replace the TC coupe. Judging by the picture, Scion are looking to bring their coupe styling … » 3/05/08 3:00pm 3/05/08 3:00pm

2008 Scion tC Release Series 4.0 to Debut at Chicago, Continue…

Toyota just dropped a press release which has everyone running to their Tandy's and Apple ]['s to make sure it's still 1987. Scion will be bringing what's called the 2008 Scion tC Release Series 4.0 to the upcoming Chicago Auto Show and will be making them available as of March. The "tC RS 4.0" as the marketeers are… » 2/01/08 3:45pm 2/01/08 3:45pm

Chryslerati: Gorman Edition

A recent stop in lovely Gorman, California for some overpriced gasoline and a bag of peanuts revealed this Chrysler TC. A ghostly sheet covered what was assuredly a fine interior, and also hinted at possible hard or soft top trouble. Out of state plates and location next to one of America's numerous yet fine numbered… » 5/16/07 2:30pm 5/16/07 2:30pm

The 2008 Scion tC Revealed, Gets Standard iPod Connectivity

Oh yeah, in all of the excitement to show off the Scion's two brothers yesterday, the all-new 2008 Scion xD and the re-styled 2008 Scion xB, everyone forgot about the new-for-2008 Scion brand sales leader, the tC. Well, let's rectify that little problem, because hey — Scion's issued a press release and some PR… » 2/09/07 12:01pm 2/09/07 12:01pm

Your Car Is Delightful: 2006 Porsche Cayman Tops JD Power Top Ten List …

Yup, we know the kiddies love the lists — and Forbes/ForbesAutos readers love it when they can get all their information in table format. But seriously, WTF is JD Power, not to mention all of those Associates, thinking in placing a Scion tC and a Nissan Armada anywhere near the same list as a Porsche Cayman. Because… » 9/14/06 1:34pm 9/14/06 1:34pm