Washington State Lawmakers Issue Giant Middle Finger To Electric Vehicle Owners

Hybrid and electric cars are usually so wonderfully magical and great at saving the earth that governments have often incentivized people to buy them. But in an unusual twist, one state government has decided to tell its Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster-owning residents that they can go ahead and suck it. »12/29/12 3:00pm12/29/12 3:00pm


Mercedes BlueTEC Models Get First Diesel Consumer Tax Credits

In an important step toward flooding our shores with torquey, fuel-efficient engines, Mercedes' BlueTEC SUV »9/17/08 9:20am9/17/08 9:20ams have been granted the first consumer tax credits for diesel vehicles awarded by the EPA/IRS. The reports the Mercedes ML 320 BlueTEC, R 320 BlueTEC, and GL 320 BlueTEC, all on sale starting October 1, have…

Hybrid SUVs Skip Gas-Guzzler Tax, Still Get Hybrid Credit Thanks To Tax Code Loophole

GM's two-mode hybrids, the Tahoe and Yukon, along with Chrysler's versions, the Durango and Aspen, have come to an ironic intersection in the tax code: These vehicles are eligible for a hybrid tax credit, yet theoretically should also be hit with the gas-guzzler tax. Does that sound like the world's loopiest loophole… »7/03/08 9:40am7/03/08 9:40am