Ford Execs Compare Current Taurus To...Homer Simpson?!

It was almost a year ago today that we stood in a meeting room at McCormick Place in Chicago and listened to Mark Fields go on and on about how big of a deal renaming the Ford Five Hundred the Ford Taurus was going to be. And then they sold 20% less in 2007 than they did in 2006. But they're ready to admit they made a… »1/29/08 11:00pm1/29/08 11:00pm

New York Auto Show Preview: Ford Flex To Show Pecs In The Big Apple

Yup. The big product news from Dearborn will be FoMoCo flexing their minivan-muscle with the Flex. We've heard it's built on a stretched D3 chassis — the same one that underpins the Taurus and the Taurus X. We've also heard it's got standard doors (Hat tip to Grimace on that one!) It's actually the one part of the… »3/23/07 9:20am3/23/07 9:20am

Chicago Auto Show: Ford Unveils Taurus Models for 2008

No more Five Hundred, sayonara Freestyle. Ford unveiled its new, three-row Taurus, Taurus X (nee Freestyle) and Mercury Sable models in Chicago. Master of ceremonies was none other thanFord's Cisco "Systems" Codina, group vice president North America sales and service ampersand spong whapcaplet looseliver vendetta… »2/07/07 12:45pm2/07/07 12:45pm

Ford's New Bull Is Official: Exit The Five Hundred, Enter The Taurus

Yup folks, it's now official. We sent our intrepid young Chi-town connection, Matt Hardigree down to snap some pictures of Mark Fields dropping a load of bull on the crowd. And hey, this time it's actually appropriate to say that — go, us! That gallery's below. There's nothing much more to say other than what the… »2/07/07 10:49am2/07/07 10:49am

It's Sort Of Official: Introducing The Ford Taurus, Taurus X And Mercury Sable

Well, when you hear it on BlueOvalNews it must be true. According to the fan site all about FoMoCo, they've got the press release before the press conference — the five hundred will be no more for 2008. Instead, the Dearborn, MI based automaker will be bringin' FleetSalesBack (yeah!), and bringing back the Taurus… »2/07/07 9:07am2/07/07 9:07am