Mother Tasered Twice By Cops After Leaving Baby In Car While She Went Tanning

Ashley Agerenza tried to take her seven-month-old baby into Extreme Tan and Smoothies (real place) with her, only to find that infants weren't welcome. So she did what any desperately pale mother would do: locked that baby in the car by herself with the engine running, attacked the cop who tried to arrest her for… »2/15/11 8:30pm2/15/11 8:30pm

Morons Duel With Tasers In Colorado Parking Dispute

We sometimes wonder if the implementation of the Taser doesn't give people an opportunity to injure someone when, otherwise, they'd have to man-up and fight or shoot someone. This concern has only been reinforced by recent tasings that happened rather quickly. For Exhibit B we have the case of a security supervisor… »5/19/08 11:00am5/19/08 11:00am