Towing A Tank Out Of The Mud Looks Like A 42-Ton Pain In The Ass

You wouldn't think a T55AM2 battle tank could get bogged in a crop field, but it looks like some British blokes at "The Tank School" managed to break one in an inch of mud. The recovery effort took two more armored vehicles, a heavy truck, an excavator and probably about 1,000 gallons of fuel. »3/10/14 2:33pm3/10/14 2:33pm

Watch A Syrian Rebel Plant A Grenade Inside A Tank And Blow It Up

You don't hear about it enough in Western news outlets, but the civil war in Syria continues to rage on, with some 6,000 people being killed in March alone. It's not uncommon for the rebels to post videos of their attacks on Bashar Al Assad's forces, like this one, which apparently shows them blowing up a tank with a… »4/03/13 12:00pm4/03/13 12:00pm