A Tanker Truck Explosion In Nigeria Killed 95 People Trying To Collect…

A tanker truck explosion that kills 95 people is a terrible thing, but what sets this one apart as a true tragedy is that abject poverty is what, figuratively, drove these people into the flames. (Warning: Graphic shot of the disaster below) » 7/20/12 1:20pm 7/20/12 1:20pm

Watch this Turkish badass save a neighborhood from a burning tanker…

When a gasoline tanker catches fire at a gas station in Turkey's Izmir province, badass Engin Koçak jumps in and moves it away from the storage tanks to prevent a major explosion. Get this guy an agent. » 3/15/11 12:30pm 3/15/11 12:30pm

Watch horses pull a tanker truck out of snow

Joel Appleman was driving to work in Central Pennsylvania when he came upon an Amish horse team pulling a tanker truck safely out of the snow. Fortunately, he had his camera and captured the conquest of old technology over new. » 2/24/11 1:00pm 2/24/11 1:00pm

Burning Tanker Truck Sends Flames 100 Feet Into Air

This amazing video shows a tanker truck that was struck by another car and hit a concrete dividing wall in Dallas this morning. The wreck shut down I-30 during rush hour and sent flames shooting into the air. » 1/07/11 5:15pm 1/07/11 5:15pm