Tang Hua XY08 Chika, An Electric Car For The Ladies Of Paris

Tang Hua rocked our socks off with a trio of banana-yellow »10/03/08 5:00pm10/03/08 5:00pm () concepts at the Detroit Auto Show, and they have followed up at the with this gorgeous sapphire blue semi-circular masterpiece dubbed the Tang Hua XY08 Chika. The Chika is yet another all-electric car featuring crushing performance from its massive …

Detroit Auto Show: Tang Hua Book of Songs Has a Funny Shape

Tang Hua is one of those Chinese companies in the basement that is unabashedly pitching its bizarre wares at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The terrible trio of yellow fiberglass and awesome lined up in their stand made us want to love the upstart manufacturer - in that way. Travis couldn't restrain himself. We're not… »1/15/08 11:25am1/15/08 11:25am