Getting Kind of Sexier: Hyundai's Talus Concept

Sure, Hyundai's adopted a cleaner, more polished design language in its most recent production cars — like the Sonata and Azera — that's made enthusiasts stop thinking of them as standard-issue transport cars driven by Communist Party bureaucrats. Now, the company needs a new design that'll make enthusiasts think of… » 1/08/06 5:02pm 1/08/06 5:02pm

Hyunda, Kia Release Images of Detroit Concepts

Hyundai released two sketches of Detroit-destined concepts, guaranteed to blow your mind (or not so much). Hyundai proper will show off its HCD-9 Talus, a two-door crossover concept that looks quite a bit like Chevrolet's T2X concept (maybe it's a Korean thing). Corporate child Kia let slip a sketch of its Soul… » 12/16/05 2:41pm 12/16/05 2:41pm