Racers Crash On First Lap Of Indianapolis 500, Then Crash Under Yellow

It’s one thing to start the Indianapolis 500 with a crash near the back of the field. It’s another thing to have another crash under yellow further delay green laps of racing. Oops. So, effectively, the race really got to start from a single-file yellow-flag conga line, not so much from the original three-wide start.
» 5/24/15 1:52pm 5/24/15 1:52pm

Takuma Sato's Super Aguri F1 Car Sells For $150,000

An SA06 model F1 car from the failed Super Aguri » 9/04/08 3:15pm 9/04/08 3:15pm F1 team’s 2006 season has sold at auction for $150,000. The vehicle, which was driven by Takuma Sato, is one of the final assets of the team to be sold by its liquidator. We reckon the buyer, a Japan-based fan of the team, got himself quite a deal. Why? First, he’s…