Watch This Badass Kid ID Taillights Like A Boss On TV

The other day, I made what I assumed was the hardest taillight-identification quiz known to man. I now know I was wrong. Very wrong. The hardest, most badass taillight identification quiz happened in 1990, on a BBC game show. This is the high-water mark for competitive taillight IDing, my friends. Watch and learn. »2/13/15 12:42pm2/13/15 12:42pm

The Earth-Shaking Revelation Of The Forgotten Beetle Taillights

First, a warning. This article is going to be so geeky, so niche, so insanely VW Beetle-geek focused that those of you not crazily interested in Beetle minutia should probably just close the window now. Really. For those who can hang, get a drop cloth, because minds will be blown, Beetle-taillight-wise. »6/27/14 7:30pm6/27/14 7:30pm

Important: What Do We Think About Amber Rear Turn Indicators?

Last week, I wrote about the deceptive nature of the VW Tiguan's taillights — specifically, that they have an amber section that isn't used for the turn signal. The post proved much more popular than I'd have guessed, and sparked a lot of interesting debate about the use of amber rear indicators. Let's settle this… »5/15/14 3:30pm5/15/14 3:30pm

Now The Corvette Faithful Can Stop Bitching About 'Camaro Taillights'

The 2014 Corvette Stingray is, for lack of a better term, damn good. I saw it in person at the Detroit Auto Show, sat in it, grabbed the wheel and rocked from side to side while I made engine noises with my mouth, and walked away impressed. It looks and feels like a great American car, and I can't wait to actually… »1/31/13 1:20pm1/31/13 1:20pm