The 4-Cylinder Toyota Tacoma Is Completely Pointless

I’ve spent the day pawing through the 2016 Toyota Tacoma’s just-released specs, looking for something to celebrate or dump on or at least launch a disjointed rant over. Fuel economy is weak, but otherwise it seems like a decent truck for the money. Unless you buy the four-cylinder. » 8/17/15 8:00pm 8/17/15 8:00pm

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma: A Spicy Taco That Doesn't Taste All That New

Toyota has left their Taco sitting on the counter since 2005, and it has gotten stale. Nobody wants to eat a crusty taco, but that’s all there’s been on the menu for the longest time. By default, those hungry for a mid-size truck have had no choice but to clog their noses and scarf down what Chef Toyota was cranking… » 8/17/15 10:27am 8/17/15 10:27am

Watch The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Rescue Itself With New 'Crawl Control'

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma will still come with rear drum brakes, but its traction control tech has become a lot more advanced. Let’s watch the truck get buried to its axles in sand, and then activate “Crawl Control” and turn its tires into shovels for an easy self-recovery. » 8/11/15 11:10am 8/11/15 11:10am

The 1986 Toyota Truck And 2016 Toyota Tacoma Compared Spec For Spec

Want to know what thirty years of evolution looks like on the Toyota trucks timeline? This infographic breaks down the differences between the 1986 pickup we all love and the 2016 Toyota Tacoma we’re eagerly anticipating. The vehicles are actually... pretty similar. » 6/10/15 4:00pm 6/10/15 4:00pm

Brand New 2016 Toyota Tacoma Looks A Lot Like The Tundra From Here

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma has been promised as an "all-new" mid-sized truck to finally replace the current rendition we've lived with for almost a decade. From the one photo the company has released so far, the new Taco sure looks like its big stablemate the Tundra to me. » 12/10/14 4:49pm 12/10/14 4:49pm

'Toyota TRDPro' Kit Is Pretty Much A New Grille, But It Looks Cool

Toyota's TRDPro Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner trucks just strutted their stuff on Toyota's Chicago Auto Show test track. Despite rumors that this was going to be Toyota's truck to challenge Raptor, that "stuff" is basically a cool FJ40-style grille badge and a few small tweaks. » 2/06/14 11:06am 2/06/14 11:06am

What car would you realistically trade your current daily driver for?

What if you could trade the vehicle you drive every day for absolutely any vehicle in the entire world? Before you figure out where you are going to keep your (insert dream car here), even in this extremely hypothetical situation there is a catch—you have to use your new vehicle to do absolutely everything you… » 10/08/11 5:00pm 10/08/11 5:00pm