Tatra V855: Ass-Engined Nazi-Occupied Snowmobile

Tatras are generally infused with an innovative streak bordering on lunacy. Case in point: a V8-powered combat snowmobile designed to fight in the Russian winter. » 10/14/09 12:30pm 10/14/09 12:30pm

A Tatra T87 History Lesson From Professor Leno

What has a rear-mounted, air-cooled V8, was made in Czechoslovakia, and had a reputation for killing Nazis? That's right, the Tatra! This example is a 1938 Tatra T87, owned and operated by none other than self-proclaimed member of the "more money than brains" club, Jay Leno. And if it that wasn't impressive enough,… » 7/22/08 6:40pm 7/22/08 6:40pm