How Heico Sportiv "Chrome-Plated" The Volvo S80

Amidst all of the glitz and chrome of the SEMA show in Vegas, there was one concept car that stood out — mostly because the paint reflected so much light in the Las Vegas Convention Center you couldn't ignore it. This seemingly chrome-plated beast is the Heico Sportiv-tuned S80 T6 "High Performance Concept." To begin… » 11/05/07 10:15am 11/05/07 10:15am

Swedes at SEMA: Volvo's T6 Roadster Concept

When Hot Rod magazine named Volvo's T6 concept the 2004 Hot Rod of the Year, this past January, purists gasped. It was like The Hives being named Rock Band of the Year — an honor we would have gladly signed on to, but that would have sent White Stripes devotees into a torch-wielding frenzy. Now, the concept, created… » 11/01/05 12:00pm 11/01/05 12:00pm