1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

Welcome to Down On The Street » 9/01/08 9:00am 9/01/08 9:00am, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. The VW van is a fairly common sight in Alameda, so much so that I keep passing by most T2 Transporters without stopping to photograph them (we've seen numerous T1 buses: , , , ,…

Volkswagen T3 Retrofitted For Wilderness Espionage

You should think twice about your off-roading outdoors adventure vehicle, because it would seem that an old VW T3 is all you really need. This T3 has been outfitted with off-roading wheels (compared to the inflatable inner tubes on the stock T3), a safety-jacket orange paint job to distinguish the van from a bear for… » 3/10/08 1:30pm 3/10/08 1:30pm

Ach du Lieber Harry! T3 Transporter Crash Test

How good were T3-generation VW Transporters at preserving life and limb at high speed into a flat wall? Let's just say the last thing to go through the mind of whatever dummy was behind the wheel of this doppeltkabin was about a quarter-ton of gravel. But c'mon, it's wall-on-wall action; what'd you think would happen?… » 10/18/07 1:10pm 10/18/07 1:10pm