McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murray's City Cars To Launch In 2016

These days, McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray is working on a project that is remarkably different from the supercar that made him famous. It's a pair of city cars called the T.25 and T.27, and he recently announced they will hit the road in 2016. » 8/21/13 1:44pm 8/21/13 1:44pm

Gordon Murray's All-Electric T.27: The Specs

McLaren F1 architect Gordon Murray's been hard at work on the opposite end of the automotive spectrum, designing a clean-sheet super-compact all-electric city car called the T.27 to follow his T.25 gasoline micro-machine. Now we've got the specs. » 5/28/10 1:30pm 5/28/10 1:30pm

Gordon Murray Announces T.27 Before T.25 Even Built

Gordon Murray's busy hiding the T.25 City Car from view, but he's unveiled plans for his next project, the T.27. It'll supposedly be the most efficient all-electric vehicle in the world with aims at ditching everything we think about EV's. » 11/09/09 9:45am 11/09/09 9:45am