My Day at Road Atlanta.

As you may know. Last year I won the Jalopnik and Blipshift T-Shirt contest thanks to my "Smoking Permitted" design and the grand prize was a one day, High Performance, Skip Barber Racing School. I Registered for the course at Road Atlanta on March 18th, and hit the road! » 3/23/14 4:45pm 3/23/14 4:45pm

Oversteer My Bagel: Buy Some Jalopnik On A T-Shirt!

A while back, someone emailed us a T-shirt design based on some of my caffeinated, candy-powered babbling. Thanks to the efforts of a few intrepid Jalopnik readers, you can now buy a copy of that shirt. Who's in? » 7/27/10 4:20pm 7/27/10 4:20pm

The $500 Craigslist Rally Car Update: Buy A T-Shirt!

It's been a busy season for everyone's favorite rally-car-drivin', Mexico-invadin', low-budget nutjob. Want to help support his hairbrained schemes? Want to help get him sponsorship? Want to know what he's been up to? All that and more below the jump. » 6/25/10 5:15pm 6/25/10 5:15pm

Dad Won't Mind a Late Gift... When It's a Misfit Toys Wartburg T-Shirt!

You saw a few shots of the Subaru-powered '58 Wartburg earlier, and you've probably followed the story of its low-buck/high-sweat build. Now you can buy an official Misfit Toys Racing Rat Fink-esque T-shirt! » 6/19/10 4:00pm 6/19/10 4:00pm

Oversteer My Bagel: Look Out World, Sam Is On A T-Shirt

A week ago, someone emailed us a design for what we are officially calling the World's Greatest Most Bestest Center Differential T-Shirt Ever What Ever Ruled the Land. Turns out people actually enjoy candy-fueled, caffeine-powered babbling. Who knew? » 3/30/10 1:00pm 3/30/10 1:00pm

Yes, You Can Buy A "Shabbat Shalom, M*****F****R" LeMons Team Shirt!

Many, many readers were all in a tizzy after they saw the LeMons Team Shirt-stravaganza last weekend, because they needed to obtain a Team JDL BMW team T-shirt. Well, now you can- just in time for Hanukkah shopping! » 11/21/09 6:00pm 11/21/09 6:00pm

Shabbat Shalom, M*****F****R: Team T-Shirts Of The 24 Hours Of LeMons!

Since our last LeMons team T-shirt post my shirt collection has nearly doubled; not only do I get them as bribes from teams, but Chief Perp Lamm has kindly dumped given his collection on to me. » 11/14/09 11:00am 11/14/09 11:00am

Hilariously Awesome Throwback T-Shirts: Chariots Retired

TeeFury just released for sale an unbelievably cool ultra-limited edition t-shirt titled, 'Chariots Retired,' portraying our favorite TV and movie cars from the 80's including K.I.T.T., Optimus Prime, the Ghostbuster's Ecto-1, Airwolf and more. » 7/07/09 10:30am 7/07/09 10:30am

In Soviet America, Bankruptcy Drives New Government Motors T-Shirt!

Combining "In Russia" memes with Carpocalyptic imagery, this is a t-shirt perfect for any Jalopnik reader. Plus, who knows, it might even be chosen as the "New GM"'s new logo. [Despair Inc] » 6/03/09 6:00pm 6/03/09 6:00pm

"Ultimate" Nürburgring T-Shirt Forgets Hottest Part has just released their idea of the best Nürburgring Nordschleife loop shirt ever envisioned by man. We're wondering what Sabine Schmitz, celebrity Nürburgringer, has to say about that. » 12/11/08 10:00am 12/11/08 10:00am

Genuine Driveshaft Through The Skull Shirts Now Available!

There's been plenty of excitement about the Driveshaft Through The Skull symbol done by our friend Walker Canada. Everyone, it seems, wants to sport their own DTTS gear, and understandably so! You can download the vector graphic here and make your own stuff, you can get stickers from an obliging Jalopnik reader... and… » 6/18/08 5:40pm 6/18/08 5:40pm

Yes, But Can We Get it In "P***y Magnet" Yellow?

This shirt — emblazoned with the words "Hogan Can't Drift" basically says it all about everyone's favorite p***y-magnet boy-racing pro-wrestler spawn. The bigger question is, "what's that car the 'model' is leaning against?" JDM RX-7? MR2? You tell us. All we know is if we still had a Gawker t-shirt store this … » 6/10/08 2:20pm 6/10/08 2:20pm

Your PCH Tipster T-Shirts Are Important To Us

Those Project Car Hell tipsters who didn't want XL T-shirts- hey, I got a good deal on that size, OK?- have been waiting for a few months to get their hard-earned PCH Tipster shirts. Your wait is almost over; I've finally bought some extraordinarily low-quality top-shelf blank shirts and just spent an afternoon … » 3/03/08 5:00pm 3/03/08 5:00pm

The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: Luxury Automaker Brand Clothing

Nothing says "I'm a poser douchebag" faster than a Ferrari or BMW tie/t-shirt/hat. This is doubly true if you don't own a BMW or Ferrari. Real Ferrari owners don't drive around wearing $12.00 polyester shirts with big ass stallions on the front, they wear $5,000 pants. C'mon! You don't need to advertise when you're… » 11/23/07 11:00am 11/23/07 11:00am

You've Done it Now: Save the Enzos!

You picked it, and now it's here, the shirt we all hope will ease the world's Enzo crisis. Right now, somewhere on planet earth, there's an Enzo in trouble. Its owner is an overzealous nitwit, whose skills behind the wheel can't possibly match the capabilities of this late-model supercar, and yet he insists on going… » 12/01/06 2:34pm 12/01/06 2:34pm

Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Contest: The Finals

It's finals time, kids, and the top four T-Shirt slogans from the runoff rounds are set in our new T-Shirt Sloganeering application after the jump. Click through to vote, in that way all the Web 2.0 kids are doing these days — Dig Dug style, or something. Go forth and select. And many thanks to those who entered —… » 11/29/06 3:53pm 11/29/06 3:53pm

Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search: The Runoffs, Part Two

The T-shirt slogan voting process is moving along quite nicely indeed, with a strong turnout making the first round at thing of sheer numerical beauty. Here's the second round of new entries. Tomorrow, the top four from each round will face off in the finals, which will use a new slogan-picking app designed by the… » 11/28/06 4:06pm 11/28/06 4:06pm

Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search: The Runoffs

The response to our call for T-shirt slogans was overwhelming. We couldn't have gotten more entrants if we were giving away passes to the booth-babe dressing room at the Moscow auto show. Because we're feeling more or less democratic — and because you guys have proven your comments-quip prowess — we're putting the… » 11/27/06 4:23pm 11/27/06 4:23pm