New York Auto Show: Suzuki SX4 Slingshots Into Sedan

The folks that brought us the GSXR, and a motorcycle that came to be known as the water buffalo have added a sporting sedan to the SX4 fleet. Suzuki plans to build more motorcycle into every one of their their cars, and is offering yet another version of the plucky SX4 for folks who enjoy driving the snot out of… » 4/05/07 7:00pm 4/05/07 7:00pm

Super-Duper Hoonage Potential; Suzuki To Take On WRX & EVO

Talk about information that makes us happy. Here's the gist; Suzuki is going to have an entry in the 2008 WRC. Due to the rule that exists in the form of homologation, Japan's suddenly upstart automaker has to let us run what they brung. Details are both sketchy and speculative at the moment, but here's what we think… » 1/16/07 3:12pm 1/16/07 3:12pm

American Suzuki is 23% More Better in 2006

We see a lot of press releases around here saying Company X's sales are up or down 3% this past year. But rarely do we read about double digit jumps. And even when we do, they are not this high. ASMC (American Suzuki Motors Corporation) just announced that they sold 23% more rides in 2006 than they did in 2005. In… » 1/11/07 2:04pm 1/11/07 2:04pm

Sweep the Leg! Suzuki Planning a WRC Car for 2008 Season

To most rally watchers, Suzuki building a car for the World Rally Championship is like Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san throwing down with the US National Karate Team. Nonetheless, the company is planning an all-wheel-drive rally car based on the SX4 compact hatch. It'll have a de rigeur 2.0-liter turbocharged mill,… » 9/06/06 11:11am 9/06/06 11:11am

New Suzuki Models to Show up in New York

Suzuki, undaunted by GM's selloff of its ownership stake in the company, is continuing in its plan for world domination with a couple of introductions at the New York auto show next month. We hear you snickering, and Suzuki does too, but it doesn't care. The company is planning to debut its new XL7 SUV as well as its… » 3/29/06 10:40am 3/29/06 10:40am