SwiftFuel Is Just Like Fuel, Except Probably Full Of Crap

Today brought us news of a purported new solution to high gas prices: SwiftFuel. Currently intended as a replacement for leaded 100-octane aviation fuel, SwiftFuel claims to be ethanol-based, but somehow free from ethanol's negatives such as its lower energy density, incompatibility with gasoline, and propensity to… »6/12/08 4:40pm6/12/08 4:40pm


Termite Gut Microbe Study: Cheap Cellulosic Ethanol Soon?

Wouldn't it be great if we had a super-cheap way to make ethanol out of cellulosic materials such as switchgrass and wood chips? The problem is that you need to turn the cellulose into simple sugars before you can ferment it into ethanol... but termites have managed the trick for gadzillions of years, so why not… »11/27/07 10:30am11/27/07 10:30am