The Secret Of Swarovski Crystal Headlights: They're Stupid And Fake

Like many automotive-news outlets, our reporting of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé makes a big deal out of the car's lavish 47-Swarovski crystal headlights. They're much easier than using a bullhorn to yell "I'M RICH!" at everyone, and they help with night driving a bit. Too bad they're not really what they seem. »2/11/14 4:00pm2/11/14 4:00pm


Detroit Auto Show: Top Five Concept Car Features That'll Never See Production

Concept cars are notorious for rarely making it to the street. But what about the enticing features that designers include in their dreamy visions of our automotive future? We combed through the files we've amassed at the show this week and come up with five features that don't stand a chance in hell of ever… »1/15/08 5:10pm1/15/08 5:10pm

The Swarovski Covered Mercedes Benz: Class Defined

Nothing says "I'm wealthy, but in an understated way" like a top-o-the-line Benz covered in Swarovski crystals. This shiny ride fit right in next to the private jets and fur-covered sinks on display at the Moscow Millionaire Fair, which is the Russian counterpart of the RNC. While it's probably not safe to drive this… »11/26/07 11:00am11/26/07 11:00am