An Evening With The McLaren 570S

The above photo is not a photo of the 570S. Since I wasn't allowed to take any photos of the new "base" McLaren (no matter how hard I tried to bribe every McLaren employee in attendance), I'm just going to describe it in some detail. » 3/29/15 11:02am Yesterday 11:02am

Making Your Car Look Stupid Is Really Expensive

Every time I see a car decked out with stick-on port holes and other tacky adornments, I do what I can to check the inevitable wave of nausea that comes with beholding such a sight. Worse yet, these flashy plastic bits are typically stuck to the most miserable shitheaps imaginable. » 10/26/12 2:00pm 10/26/12 2:00pm

NASCAR Driver Twitter Account Hacked, Driver 'Hacks' Back In Real Life

NASCAR drivers love them some Twitter, so when someone calling themselves "EPICSWAGG" hacked a popular NASCAR driver's account this weekend many saw the spamming tweets. What "EPICSWAGG" didn't know was that Mark Martin — the driver who'd been hacked — has a great sense of humor and figured out how to turn the tables… » 3/21/12 10:30am 3/21/12 10:30am

Tesla Teases Model S Customers With Gift Bag, Fancy Hat

More than a year ago, Tesla began taking $5000 deposits for its Model S. There's still no car, but last week, the company sent prospective customers gift boxes. Swag soothes the savage early adopter! [TTAC] » 7/12/10 4:40pm 7/12/10 4:40pm

"Ultimate" Nürburgring T-Shirt Forgets Hottest Part has just released their idea of the best Nürburgring Nordschleife loop shirt ever envisioned by man. We're wondering what Sabine Schmitz, celebrity Nürburgringer, has to say about that. » 12/11/08 10:00am 12/11/08 10:00am

Detroit Auto Show Swag Watch: Would You Like a Little Tea With Your…

Geely was gracious enough to give the gift of a tea set to the attendees of its press event this afternoon. I began by raising a brow at the odd selection of swag, but the excitement across the faces of the hordes and hordes of journalists was enough to lower my brows and bring a big and bright smile to my face. No,… » 1/14/08 4:20pm 1/14/08 4:20pm

Dodge Swag Shows The Future Of Chrysler Group Manufacturing

We love Dodge swag grab bags — heck we love anything we're allowed to take home from the show coming to us by way of the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid. Whether bongos or bags, they totally know how to do it up right for the auto journo and hack community. For instance, with the highlight of the show… » 2/07/07 3:08pm 2/07/07 3:08pm

Detroit Auto Show Memory Card Clean-out: Toyota Tundra Swagasm

For those visiting the Detroit auto show during public days — along with the rest of the unwashed masses — the swag opportunities have diminished significantly since the roaring '90s. Fortunately, press days, like those that passed last week, are rife with worthless trinkets, food, drinks and assorted whatnot. This… » 1/16/07 2:00pm 1/16/07 2:00pm

Swag Alert: Mmm...Nothing Like A York (Township) Chocolate Patty From…

Toyota broke ground Friday on their newest facility, a 700-acre crash test facility that'll employ 400 outside of Ann Arbor in sleepy little York Township. Toyota received a state-provided incentive package for the new facility, and well...that's about it. The news was greeted by yawns and our right hand mimicking a… » 9/11/06 1:21pm 9/11/06 1:21pm