Suzuki Plans Nissan Juke Fighter And Other Cool Cars We Won't Get

Hey North America, are you missing Suzuki yet? Get ready to miss them even more, because they're planning a spate of new models in other markets that won't be getting, and some of them sound pretty cool. » 6/14/13 1:55pm 6/14/13 1:55pm

Inside Those Crazy Motorcycle-Engined LeMons Racers

You've seen the Angry Hamster Racing V65 Magna-powered Honda Z600 under construction, and of course you're familiar with the LeMons-winning CBR900-powered Geo Metro-Gnome… but the engineering behind these two machines pushes the LeMons Insane-O-Meter™ into the red numbers. » 11/21/09 12:05am 11/21/09 12:05am

Look To The Swift! Suzuki Brings Germans Together With "Black And White" …

Suzuki is clearly firing back at Ford and their Focus CC Black Edition with this, the Suzuki Swift Black and White edition. Nothing says automotive harmony like matching hatchbacks. We got the chance to drive a very pedestrian version of the 2008 Suzuki Swift a few weeks ago and had a great time with it. This… » 5/16/08 3:20pm 5/16/08 3:20pm

2008 Suzuki Swift: Around The Block

When we found out Suzuki had an event with a Euro-only 2008 Suzuki Swift just a short distance from Chicago we jumped at the chance to take it for a quick spin. A volume seller in Europe, Asia and other markets, the Swift has a mostly inglorious past here in the states as the almost indistinguishable cousin of the Geo… » 4/23/08 12:00pm 4/23/08 12:00pm