The 'Well Of Death' Is Still The World's Most Dangerous Car Stunt

The Well of Death riders of Allahabad, India better believe in reincarnation, because their daily show is the most dangerous thing you can do with any number of wheels. Especially driving a Maruti with a dinky 0.8-liter engine. » 10/07/13 1:42pm 10/07/13 1:42pm

Suzuki Maruti Alto To Debut In Paris, Take On Europe

The first images of the new Suzuki Maruti Alto have surfaced ahead of its planned debut at the Paris Motor Show later this year. It's a good a place as any for a reveal as we're also told it will be joining the chorus of pocket-sized cars skittering about on European streets. The Alto is already a staple of most of… » 8/07/08 10:40am 8/07/08 10:40am