GMI: GMC Acadia, Lambda SUT Cut Like Bad Fraternity Pledges

We'd heard earlier this month GM was considering the possibility of cutting a brand — and Pontiac and GMC were the two we were told had the greatest possibility of seeing their head hit the chopping block. While apparently that's still being debated, the GM forum fan-boys over at GMInsideNews have come across news that … » 6/30/08 12:20pm 6/30/08 12:20pm

Once Upon A Time In Mexico: PUTC Hoons A Hummer H2 SUT In The Baja 500

While the General may be trying to sell off the Hummer brand, that didn't stop a few of the Humvee-wannabes from being deployed down to Mexico to wage war in the Baja 500. Proving — or at least attempting to prove — the H2, H2 SUT and H3 aren't just suburban soft-roading sissy-mobiles. Jalopnik superfriend, Mike Levine … » 6/06/08 9:40am 6/06/08 9:40am

Spy Video: Hummer H3 SUT

Edmunds Inside Line serves up a video of the coming Hummer H3 SUT spied recently during track testing. According to spies, the 2008 model is nearly ready, meaning the next captured images may just be from a commercial shoot or other marketing prep job. Of course, GM's probably planning a counterintelligence effort… » 10/25/06 11:13am 10/25/06 11:13am