How Much Do Drugs Cost In Your City? Take the Great American Drug Survey

Narcotics have been a fabric of life on this continent for thousands of years. A huge number of academic studies, undertaken by the government and institutions of higher learning, have attempted to plumb the depths of that usage. Now, we join that noble pursuit, with the most important drug question of all: How much… »2/05/15 11:15am2/05/15 11:15am


Online Gamers Fleeing US Automakers Like Orcs Fleeing The Demon Aztheroc

As if domestic automakers didn't have enough problems lately, a new study by the Ziff Davis Game Group found that online gamers weren't moved by their offerings. Specifically, the survey found that though the majority of gamers own American-made cars, nearly 80% of those gamers are intending to buy an import. Of… »3/04/08 9:30am3/04/08 9:30am

Get a Room, You Two: Cadillac Battles Lexus Atop Satisfaction Survey Results

Despite a truly amazing result buried in the press release for AutoPacific's latest customer-satisfaction survey — that the Hyundai Azera unexpectedly nailed top-car honors — the battle between GM and Toyota still pulled top billing. The Detroit-based consultancy found that among buyers of new luxury cars, Cadillac… »5/31/06 1:27pm5/31/06 1:27pm