This Japanese Car Brand Goes Off-Roading More Than Land Rover

Last year J.D. Power surveyed car owners on "whether or not they use their vehicles off paved roads." Jeep had the most "yeses," with 31% of owners claiming they left the pavement. Ram was right behind at 30.2%, followed closely by Subaru with 29.5% of owners reporting they hit the dirt. » 7/07/14 1:32pm 7/07/14 1:32pm

Online Gamers Fleeing US Automakers Like Orcs Fleeing The Demon Aztheroc

As if domestic automakers didn't have enough problems lately, a new study by the Ziff Davis Game Group found that online gamers weren't moved by their offerings. Specifically, the survey found that though the majority of gamers own American-made cars, nearly 80% of those gamers are intending to buy an import. Of… » 3/04/08 9:30am 3/04/08 9:30am

Get a Room, You Two: Cadillac Battles Lexus Atop Satisfaction Survey…

Despite a truly amazing result buried in the press release for AutoPacific's latest customer-satisfaction survey — that the Hyundai Azera unexpectedly nailed top-car honors — the battle between GM and Toyota still pulled top billing. The Detroit-based consultancy found that among buyers of new luxury cars, Cadillac is… » 5/31/06 1:27pm 5/31/06 1:27pm