Grand Prix Drivers' Association Wants Your Feedback On Making F1 Better

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association put together a long, but mildly amusing survey asking Formula One fans who they are, how they relate to the sport and what they want to see in the future. Ever wanted to see every questionable Bernie-ism listed out for the voting? Well, you can take that survey here. »5/23/15 8:59am5/23/15 8:59am


What's The Most Unreliable Car You've Ever Owned? 

Car ownership can be a mixed bag. One day it's about the wind in your hair, singing an off-pitch rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, while the next can be wasted sitting in an oily mechanic's waiting room looking at the 2005 Babes And Bolt-Ons calendar, wondering if alternators really do cost $300. »3/17/15 5:25pm3/17/15 5:25pm

Survey Says: Less-Educated, Less-Affluent, Distaff People More Likely See Cars as Feminine Anthromorphs

Yeesh. This thing made our brain spin with its litany of stats and demos. But apparently — if we're reading this right — low-income women without a college degree are more likely to see their cars as vaguely human than others are. We'd be interested to see a poll of poor, female tifose with a lack of education. We're… »1/16/07 5:03pm1/16/07 5:03pm

Brits Tout British-Built Cars' Popularity in Britain

Britons are chuffed that four of the top ten most satisfying cars available in Blighty are built by British hands. The cars? The Honda Civic, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Corolla and Jaguar S-type. And let's see, Honda and Toyota are Japanese, while Jaguar's owned by Ford. Yet What Car? editor David Motton has the gall to… »6/02/06 4:42pm6/02/06 4:42pm